Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yesterday was Paul McCartney's 68th Birthday

What an old fart!

I always malign Paul, but I really love him as with all The Beatles. Anyway, I do also always complain that Paul has about 12 albums worth of good unreleased material that I guess he's waiting until after he dies to release.

Bob Dylan is doing it correctly. He occasionally releases a new album and in between these new releases has been releasing his multi-volume bootleg series.

McCartney is on tour again. I would love to see him, but don't have the money. Fortunately, I have seen him on at least four other occasions as far back as 1989, so I'm not hurting to see him.

McCartney now is kinda like Sinatra was in his latter years; you see him to say you saw him, not because of any relevant new material he has put out. In fact the older the song, the better for most people attending his concerts. McCartney hasn't gotten as doddering as Sinatra yet where he needs a teleprompter for help with the lyrics, but give him time...


reverendflash said...

McCartney is far more relevant a performer than Frank Sinatra. Always was. And as long as Paul's new work continues to sell and get good reviews, that's always a reason to go see him; not just for the nostalgia.

Mark Arnold said...

Hey, the Sinatra "Duets" albums sold well and got good reviews. So what?

I love Sinatra and I love McCartney, but I still love to rib both of them.