Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frank Frazetta Art in "The Jerk"

I was watching Steve Martin's "The Jerk" with my friend, Lee Hester of Lee's Comics fame. I have seen the film dozens of times. This was the first time for Lee.

As we were watching, there was a sequence where Navin (Steve Martin) was describing his new mansion complete with the artwork. One of the pieces looked suspiciously like a painting by Frank Frazetta. Now it is not certain whether the painting in "The Jerk" is indeed a Frazetta, but it is definitely inspired by the cover painting that was by Frazetta used on the cover of "Eerie" #3.

Here is a screen capture from "The Jerk" and then here is the cover to "Eerie". Let me know what you this a Frazetta original or a distinct rip-off?

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Anonymous said...

Just been watching it and googled the image, found your blog. It looks like a rip off, perhaps by the same production artist who did the other paintings in the film. In my opinion, that scene would have been far more amusing with a giant version of the Eerie cover, skulls and monster included.