Monday, October 31, 2011

Al Jaffee CAPS Dinner

Mad Fold-In artist Al Jaffee was honored at a CAPS dinner in Woodland Hills (near LA) on Saturday. I was in attendance and here's the photos I took. Various people in the photos include me, Grant Geissman, Scott Shaw!, Russ Heath, Jerry Boyd, Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragones, Mell Lazarus, Bill Morrison and of course Al himself.

Alice in Wonderland Fry's

Fry's Electronics is a computer chain based in California with a few stores in other states. I know Oregon has a few. Anyway, many Fry's stores have themes. For instance, the Palo Alto location is themed like the Wild West, while the Campbell, CA store is themed like an ancient Mayan temple. To kill time before I went to the Al Jaffee CAPS dinner last Saturday, I went to the Fry's in Woodland Hills. It is themed like "Alice in Wonderland" and has huge statues of virtually all of the major characters (though strangely none of the Mad Tea Party characters). I had to get my camera and take a few sample pictures. Some are slightly blurry because I didn't know if they would like me taking photos around the store: