Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Schulz Peanuts Comic Book Art

Derrick Bang wrote a great article about Schulz's Peanuts comic book work. In the article, Bang says that Schulz only drew two complete comic book stories for Nancy #146 and Nancy #148 (both from 1957) before giving the chores to other artists. The full article is featured here: http://www.fivecentsplease.org/dpb/comicboo.html and the two four-page Peanuts stories appear below:



Pogens Again

I did a blog entry on Pogens awhile back and there was interest in the folder that they used to give away describing the cookies. I got this in Southern California around 1974 and Pogens were very popular then.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Radio Show Recording Sessions

Here are some photos of me recording new segments last Saturday of "The Stories Behind the Stories" for "The Geek Speak Show". The podcast is now in its fourth year and this is my second year doing interviews with comic book and animation pros and fans from the past, present and future. You can listen in at http://www.thegeekspeakshow.com or at http://funideas.50webs.com for my segment.