Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New History Book on Underdog and TTV Out NOW!!

Now you can order my second book "Created and Produced by Total TeleVision productions: The Story of Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and the Rest" at BearManor Media

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Front cover by Mike Kazaleh ("The Simpsons", "New Adventures of Mighty Mouse")

Back cover blurb by Scott Shaw! ("Scooby-Doo", "Captain Carrot")

Written by Mark Arnold ("The Best of The Harveyville Fun Times!")

380 pages! Full color covers! Complete TTV history!

From Fun Ideas Productions and BearManor Media!

Order your copy today! Only $29.95!

Monday, June 22, 2009

George's Greatest Miss

What a disappointment. This should have been a career-encompassing greatest hits. Instead, we get an album of random tracks that are too top heavy on four of George's albums "All Things Must Pass", "Cloud Nine" and "Brainwashed", and "Concert for Bangla Desh" and virtually ignore everything else. Many have said this should have been a two-disc set. In light of that, here is a more coherent single-disc set that actually does cover George's entire solo career:

1. My Sweet Lord
2. What is Life?
3. Bangla Desh
4. Give Me Love
5. Dark Horse
6. You
7. This Song
8. Crackerbox Palace
9. Blow Away
10. All Those Years Ago
11. Wake Up My Love
12. I Don't Want To Do It
13. Got My Mind Set On You
14. When We Was Fab
15. Handle With Care
16. Cheer Down
17. My Sweet Lord 2000
18. Horse to the Water
19. Any Road