Monday, January 04, 2016

My TV Show DVD Update II

In 2007 and 2010, I made a list of TV shows I would like to see on DVD. Now it's 2016, let's see the progress. Below is the original list with an asterisk (*) by those shows that have made it to DVD since I originally posted this:

In no particular order:

Don Adams' Screen Test
Animals Animals Animals
Make a Wish
The Alvin Show*(three episodes only)
Fernwood 2Night/America 2Night
The Great American Dream Machine*
When Things Were Rotten*
The Bob Newhart Show (1961 version)
Vision On
The Brady Brides
The Bradys
The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine
The Goodies* (import only)
CPO Sharkey*
Silver Spoons* (1st season only)
A Few Minutes With Stan Hooper (I have a bootleg of this now)
Curiosity Shop
Delta House
The Paul Hogan Show
The Beagles
Fridays* (some episodes)
Herman's Head
International Festival of Animation
It's About Time
Michael Nesmith in Television Parts
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures*
The New Show
Operation Petticoat
Square Pegs*
It's Garry Shandling's Show*
The Great American Dream Machine*
The Mouse Factory
Make a Wish
Marshal Efron's Illustrated, Simplified and Painless Sunday School
Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine

Mother's Little Network*
Sgt. Swell (seen now on YouTube)

Batman with Adam West is also out now. I'd still like to see Julia with Diahann Carroll and a few other sitcoms like The Ropers.