Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decent Song for a Greater Cause

Julian Lennon puts out his first release in almost a decade. "Lucy" is a tribute to the girl that inspired The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", even though some wags still feel that it was LSD. Here's the proof: a reproduction of the original drawing by Julian Lennon is included with the disc and in some cases, Julian's autograph. My copy unfortunately did not have the autograph. As for the music, it is very pleasant and open to repeat listenings. However, those pining for the John Lennonish-type vocals that graced Julian's first couple of albums will be sorely disappointed. Julian has a fine singing voice, but no longer any of the nasal quality that his father had. Overall, not the best material Julian has ever done, but far from the worst.

As far as the greater cause is concerned, the real Lucy died recently of Lupus and royalties from this release will be donated to Lupus research.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

"THFT!" Blow-Out Sale

In recognition of me ending "The Harveyville Fun Times!" with #75, I am once again blowing out all of my back issue inventory. This means that for $5.00 I will send you 10 random assorted back issues! There is no expiration on this and I will try to accommodate requests, but once they're gone, they're gone, and I won't be reprinting them (at least in magazine format). If interested, please Paypal $5.00 to thft@att.net

Thank you everyone for your support all these years.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Marvel's "Star Comics All-Star Collection"

Marvel's "Star Comics All-Star Collection" is out as of last week. The $19.99 trade paperback compiles all the stories from "Planet Terry" #1 and 2, "Top Dog" #1 and 2, "Royal Roy" #1 and 2, and "Wally the Wizard" #1-2. It even reprints ads promoting the lines from that time including one for "Royal Roy" that has been unaltered and you can see why Harvey got mad at the time since he looks exactly like Richie Rich, complete with original face and blond hair!!!

THFT! to End with Issue #75

I've made the decision to stop publishing and editing "The Harveyville Fun Times!" next year with 75 issues and 20 years unless someone else wants to take on the editing and publishing chores. Any takers? (cover is of recent issue #72)