Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A bluejay made a next right next to the front door of my house. Normally, this is not a good thing as people enter and exit through the door. At first, the bluejay flew off any time the door was opened, but eventually began to trust people and laid four eggs in the next. They recently hatched and here are the birds.

To tell you how intelligent birds can be, I left the kitchen light on one evening (near the nest) and went to my bedroom (far from the nest). I heard some scratching outside my bedroom window a few minutes later and thought it was a wild animal (we live in the hills). It turns out it was the mother bird bugging me to turn out the light! All I thought was that old Tweety Bird war cartoon where he yells, "Turn out that light!"

Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Wow! Photos

I went to the Big Wow! in San Jose this past weekend. Here are some photos of artists Frank Hill, Lee Holley, Morrie Turner, Richard Becker and writer Jerry Boyd. Fun!

Frank Hill and Lee Holley

Lee Holley draws Dennis the Menace 1
Lee Holley draws Dennis the Menace 2

Frank Hill draws a superhero 1
Frank Hill draws a superhero 2
Frank Hill draws a superhero 3

Frank's finished drawing

Panel with Frank Hill, Lee Holley and Morrie Turner
Frank's Tom and Jerry
Frank's Daffy Duck

Jerry Boyd and Richard Becker

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hoppity Hooper DVDs!

I want to start a campaign here to get Jay Ward's "Hoppity Hooper" released to DVD in a proper set. Classic Media apparently owns the rights to this series, but doesn't have it in their possession. Public Domain copies have been issued, but I would like to see a proper release. Who's with me?