Friday, May 22, 2009

I Finally Replaced Archie's Car

I am so happy. I went to Supercon in San Jose last weekend and found an item that was stolen from me years ago...Archie's Car!!!!

The genesis of this story dates back to 1969 when The Archies were HOT and Post cereals had various Archie items included in their cereals or as sendaway items. For example, there were cut-out records on the back of the boxes and a sendaway of Jughead's beanie.

One of the items was a small plastic car included inside of boxes of "Alpha-Bits" referred to as "Archie's Car". There were cut-outs on the back of the box of Archie and the gang that you were supposed to insert into the car and a cut-out of a garage.

The cut-outs were later discarded, but I always loved my Archie's Car. Later, in 1989, I had a party at my apartment in San Francisco, and invited people from my work at KBHK-TV 44 at the time.

I invited my boss and he brought along his wife and son. His son was about 9 years old at the time. I had a habit of having favorite toys on display on my bookshelves; Archie's Car being one of them.

Anyway, I noticed that the boss' son was looking at the car at the time, but figured he'd just put it back after holding it. Next day, I was cleaning up and noticed that my Archie's Car WAS GONE!!!

HORRORS! I was so mad. And I couldn't tell the boss, because I had no real proof that he actually took it. I only saw that he was looking at it, so I let it go.

Years later, I wanted to replace my Archie's Car and looked for it at shows and in stores and later on line. I never saw one. At one toy show, someone had a red one, but I wanted my yellow one back. (The car also was available in blue, apparently, but I've never seen one.)

Time after time, I checked Ebay to no avail. If you look up Archie's Car on Ebay, typically you will see the "Burger King" versions, which I also own, that feature Archie and the gang actually in the driver's seat.

Anyway, at last Saturday's Supercon, I was looking around...and THERE IT WAS!!! And it was YELLOW!!! It looked just like the one that was stolen, so I purchased it without hesitation. Cost me $20, which seemed fair. Of course, I would like to have not had to pay to replace it, but now the search is over.

And here it is (see photo above)!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally Found Thurl Ravenscroft Album!!!

I finally found a download of a very rare Thurl Ravenscoft album!! For those who don't know, Ravenscroft was the voice of Tony the Tiger for over 50 years!! He also sang the theme song to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion and the Grinch song in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "No Dogs Allowed" in "Snoopy, Come Home" among other things.

This particular album was available as a digital download and is everything I expected. Ravenscroft narrates the story behind the Gospel song and then sings it. I had the pleasure to interview with Ravenscroft a few years ago, and I asked him if there were any plans to issue this to CD and he said probably not. Sadly, it turned out to be his final interview and can be found in "Hogan's Alley" magazine.

I would still love to see it rereleased. Despite a download, I'd still be interested in a vinyl version of this, so if you see one cheap, please let me know...