Friday, June 04, 2010

Patrick Owsley's Artwork is Great

I have many good friends in the comic book and animation industries and Patrick Owsley is one of them. Patrick is not paying me to write this, nor is he even aware that I'm writing this, but I think he's one of the best artists out there. This is not to slight other good friends of mine (and excellent artists) like Bill Morrison, Mike Kazaleh or Scott Shaw!, etc.

The reason I'm raving is that I decided to have Patrick do a commission for me featuring all of the major Total TeleVision characters' heads. It is similar to what you see above, except that the above features all the major Hanna-Barbera characters from roughly 1957-67. In fact this photo is WHY I decided to go ahead with the commission. I promise to post it once I receive it.

When I was a kid, I would have KILLED for a print like this, featuring all the characters. Now that I'm an adult, I can actually get one personally made-to-order. I remember Hanna-Barbara used to have these little logos that featured all the major characters. These logos appeared on the TV shows during the closing credits and in the comic books. I wanted a complete set of those so badly.

Fortunately, artists like Owsley can recreate these things to order, so if you would like one too, you can contact him at Patrick Owsley Art.


Joe Torcivia said...


My hat’s off to anyone who’d put ALFY GATOR in such a grouping (…much less Loopy DeLoop)! Alfy [draws breath, then exhales for effect] was always one of my favorites and never got the notoriety he deserved. He didn’t even get to appear in the comics! Imagine Alfy drawn by the great Harvey Eisenberg! It would have been… [again draws breath, then exhales for effect] sublime!

Were the selections yours or Patrick’s? Just wondering why two Cindys, and both are of the “Hey There” design, rather than have one be of the “Yogi Bear Show” design.

Also, was there a “No Humans” Directive? I’m guessing that would account for Dino and Bandit, but no Fred, Jonny – or even Ranger Smith.

It’ll be a bit more sparse in the Total Television version with no humans. No Simon and Cad, Mr. Whoopee, Stanley Livingston and Flunky, Rocky Mannanoff, Flynn Flannigan, etc.

At any rate, Patrick is one FANTASTIC HB-style artist!


Mark Arnold said...

Hi Joe,

I didn't choose the H-B characters as seen here, so I have no comments of any "human" omissions.

In the case of the TTV one, I was allowed 60 "heads" and so I went after all major characters and quite a few minor ones that I like, especially Underdog villains.

Here's the list I sent Patrick:
1. King Leonardo
2. Odie Colognie
3. Itchy Brother
4. Biggie Rat
5. Tooter Turtle
6. Mr. Wizard the Lizard
7. The Hunter
8. The Fox
9. Officer Flim Flanagan
10. Horrors Hunter
11. Tennessee Tuxedo
12. Chumley
13. Stanley Livingstone
14. Flunky
15. Mr. Whoopee
16. Yak
17. Baldy Eagle
18. Jerboa Jump
19. Tiger Tornado
20. Rocky Monanoff
21. Underdog
22. Shoeshine Boy
23. Sweet Polly Purebred
24. Simon Bar Sinister
25. Cad Lackey
26. Riff Raff
27. Mooch
28. Goggol
29. Fearo
30. Emperor Bubblehead
31. Tap Tap the Chiseler
32. The Wicked Witch of Pickyoon
33. Magnet Man
34. Mange the Moleman
35. King Cumulus
36. Overcat
37. Captain Marblehead
38. Slippery Eel
39. Battyman
40. Colonel Kit Coyote
41. Sgt. Okey Homa
42. Ruffled Feather
43. Running Board
44. Commander McBragg
45. Klondike Kat
46. Major Minor
47. Savoir Fare
48. Malamutt
49. Gene Hattree
50. Rabbit Foot
51. Tortilla Fats
52. Cauliflower Cabby
53. The Champion
54. Pinky Knees
55. Boston Bully
56. Stringer
57. Tubby
58. Scotty
59. Sing-a-Long Family Dad
60. Mr. Colossal

Patrick would probably customize an H-B one to your liking if interested. Let him know.


Chris Barat said...


I think the second "female bear" character (the tan one) is from "Hilbilly Bears."


Mark Arnold said...

I think you are correct, Chris. I was fooled like Joe that I thought it was a second Cindy Bear as well. So much for unique character designs at H-B.

As far as Alfy goes, I did recognize the character, but didn't remember the character's name or trait!