Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA Advances in World Cup

It's kind of funny. I'm not a huge sports guy, and I'm certainly not a soccer or football guy. However, sometimes it is fun to get caught up in the mania that is the World Cup, partially because it's only played every four years.

I do the same thing whenever the Olympics happens. I think it's because of the infrequency of it all. Also, I currently work in a company that supports Mexican-based companies, so the World Cup is really important to them. When Mexico won 2-0 against France the other day, it was bedlam in the office.

Today, USA made a surprise game-end goal that advances them to the next level. The man above, Landon Donovan, made the play and is now the hero for the moment. Afterwards, I jokingly said it would be funny if it was USA vs. Mexico for the final game. Hey, stranger things have happened in sports.

USA usually does lousy in soccer, so for the team to advance at all is a win...

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