Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Three Stooges Blooper

So, I was happily watching "The Three Stooges Collection, Volume 8: 1955-1959", and was shocked to discover Moe making a verbal error in the short entitled "Of Cash and Hash" which uses ample stock footage from the 1948 short "Shivering Sherlocks", so the error could have originated there.

Somewhere in the conversation, Moe says something to Larry and mistakenly calls him "Curly"! Shemp and Larry seem oblivious to the error and keep talking, while Moe kind of looks down and cringes a little bit at his mistake.

I thought I was hearing things, but played it back, and Moe definitely made the error. Like I said, I don't know if this was new footage or recycled footage. If it was recycled footage, it would make more sense as Curly had just left the group the year before, in 1947. If it was a new error, that seems really sad as by 1955, Curly had been dead for three years.

I tried to find info online and in my books about this blooper and can't seem to find anything. Did I really discover an error that everyone else has always missed?


Joe Torcivia said...


I found this to be so curious that I watched “Shivering Sherlocks” and “Of Cash and Hash” back to back. In neither one did I notice the “Curly gaffe”. Where exactly in “Of Cash and Hash” does it occur? Pinpoint it for me, and I’d like to check again.

Oddly, “Of Cash and Hash” may come across better than the original. It shows the armored car robbery shootout, has the Stooges actually working at the café – and gives the impression that Christine McIntyre is just a “regular” who walks in and gets caught up in the action, rather than the café owner who (in point of fact) lies to a policeman to give the Stooges a cover story.

And, best of all, the overly contrived coincidence of the crooks hiding out in the old house that McIntyre is selling is replaced by she and the Stooges trailing one of the crooks to the old house in a car chase – or what would pass for a car chase on a Columbia Short Subject budget of 1955.

Just one more of those “Oddities I Love”. Kenneth MacDonald, the villain of this short (…and many, many more), eventually did an about face with a recurring role as a JUDGE on PERRY MASON! I smile every time I see him in the robes.


Mark Arnold said...

Error! Error! I think I made an error! See my next blog entry for details...


Mark Arnold said...

PS Somebody said once that Jules White should have won an honorary Oscar for film editing for the way he re-edited these later Stooges shorts into arguably better shorts!