Friday, June 11, 2010

I Miss "The Far Side"

Sometimes I miss "The Far Side" panel. Above are two of three of some of my favorite "Far Side" panels. The missing one features a cat leaning against a gigantic human tongue with the caption "Cat Showers".

Anyway, at least there's the complete "Far Side" books, to look at again and again, but it's surprising to me that Gary Larson seems to have no interest in continuing this strip or do any other comic strip or book anymore. Strange.

I suppose that's just as well because honestly some "Far Sides" are a bit repetitive or just downright unfunny, especially in the later years. When the strips were new I used to say that it was a "Pizzas in Space" day, when Larson contributed a strange or unfunny gag, but when Larson was "on", he was "ON".

Maybe Gary Larson and Bill Watterson could work on a strip together....

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