Monday, June 28, 2010

DEVO is Back!!!

It's not like they really went anywhere as the members of DEVO turn up every so often either in concert or on a soundtrack album track, but "Something For Everybody" is the first new DEVO album since "DEV2.0" from 2006 and the first album of all new material since 1994's "Smooth Noodle Maps".

I have heard the lead off track called "Fresh" and it is very good. It reminds me of "That's Good", and that's good! It probably won't do anything on the charts as DEVO was and is forever linked to "Whip It" and "Jocko Homo" (aka "Are we not men? We are DEVO"). Too bad, as DEVO is a much more talented act than they're ever given credit for.

So, forget the critics and the fair weather fans, just go buy's sure to be good!

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