Saturday, June 05, 2010

I Love "The Brady Bunch"

I love "The Brady Bunch". Always have. It's a crazy obsession, I know, because creator Sherwood Schwartz has this uncanny knack of making something intrinsically wrong, good.

He also made "Gilligan's Island" a hit for the same reasons. People HATE these shows, yet they are also universally beloved. Why? Because they are FUN, pure and simple.

No one watches a Sherwood Schwartz production to get enlightenment, they watch to laugh. Even if the joke is pure vaudeville, they watch to laugh.

Anyway, I have been watching "The Brady Bunch" and am the tail end of season 5, which is the final season and am loving it. These are episodes I actually watched in their original network airings back in 1973.

I don't know where I'm really going with this blog entry except to say that I wish the rest of the "Brady" and "Gilligan" canon were released to DVD, like the animated shows and the reunion movies and series. I'm pining for more.

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Bishop said...

I would recommend to you the novel Gilligan's Wake. Tom Carson, an LA TV critic, has invented fantastic back stories for all of the characters - Marianne in Paris with Godard, Ginger's fling with Sinatra, the Skipper's WWII adventure in the Pacific. (Plow through Carson's hilarious Finnigans Wake parody in the first chapter and you're on your way.)