Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pez Museum

I went to the Pez Store and Museum today in Burlingame, CA. I have heard about this museum before and had been there many times, but not inside as I always seemed to arrive after they closed.

Anyway, today I went and paid my $3.00 and went inside. It is very small, but very complete and if you are a Pez fan, this is the place you must see. They have virtually every Pez dispenser ever made, including two ultra-rare ones that I want, but are valued way too high, Bullwinkle and Casper.

They also feature older toys in display cases such as Tinkertoys, Colorforms, View-Masters, Lincoln Logs, etc.

Finally, the piece de resistance is the actual Pez sign from the original factory in Austria. I asked the owner about this piece and he said that he bought it off of Ebay!

Incidentally, Ebay got its start because the original owner set up a website so his wife could sell collectible Pez dispensers online. Ebay even acknowledged this by issuing some rare Ebay Pez dispensers at one point. The rest is history.

A must see! Their site is Burlingame Pez Museum!

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Lee Hester said...

When I went to ebay campus to consult recently, they had a big assortment of vintage pez dispensers on display there.