Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Joke Becoming Serious

As a joke, I suggested to my friend, the animation expert Jerry Beck, "When is the Looney Tunes collection coming out featuring Cool Cat, Merlin the Magic Mouse, Bunny and Claude and Rapid Rabbit?" After I thought about it a bit, it would make a nifty little DVD package to have featuring these late 60s cartoons from Warner Bros.

Granted, these are NOT the best Looney Tunes ever made, but their quirkiness and inability to make it to the mainstream with the rest of the Looney Tunes sparks my curiosity despite the fact that there weren't too many of them made and scant merchandise made.

Above is a picture of Rapid Rabbit, who was going to headline a series, but ultimately made only one cartoon before Warner Bros. closed its doors on its animation studio for the second time in 1969.

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Joe Torcivia said...


Rapid Rabbit looks like a bizarre cross between Wyle E. Coyote and Buster Bunny!

One (of MANY) things I loved about the late-and-very-much-lamented LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTIONS is that – especially with the number of classics and would-be classics rapidly dwindling – there would be room for a few later cartoons like these. You could see the trend just about beginning in the last two sets or so.

Now, that will probably never be – unless it’s a later cartoon with an established starring character. And, we’ll probably get more than a few double-dips before even that happens! More’s the pity.