Monday, December 20, 2010


I have had many friends and girlfriends over the years that have had tattoos and always find them cool for the most part. Some of my friends have overdone it, but others have some classy tats that are neat to look at.

Now, while I find the prospect of having a tattoo kind of fascinating and intriguing, the actual execution and results leave a lot to be desired for me to go ahead and get one on myself.

Some may claim that I am afraid of needles or pain, but the reality is and I've said this many times before, "I can't think of anything that I'd want to have so permanent on my body."

People have said, "You should get Casper!" I suppose I should, but I feel I have more fun looking at the Casper tattoo on Casper Van Diem, because it looks better on him, too. I think it would look dorky on me. (Incidentally, this is not Van Diem's tattoo pictured above. It's just a random Casper tattoo I found on the Internet.)

And ultimately, that's how I feel about tattoos. I like them on you and not on me...

Same thing for piercings...

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