Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Steely Dan

Has Steely Dan ever put out a bum track? They have a better track record than The Beatles. Maybe some tracks on "Countdown to Ecstacy" are a bit weak, but overall, I enjoy every Steely Dan album from "Can't Buy a Thrill" to "Everything Must Go". Even the live album and the Donald Fagan and Walter Becker solo albums are good. Kind of surprising in the latter case as Becker isn't especially known for his singing abilities, but he has taken lead vocal on occasion.

I have the box set which has everything they released from 1972-1980, minus their first single "Dallas"/"Sail the Waterway". They claim the two tracks are "stinko" but it would have been nice to give the nod to them for the box set, anyway. I had to download the two songs illegally as stock or promotional copies of the original 45 are very difficult to find. The songs, in my opinion, aren't that bad. They just don't sound like classic Steely Dan.

In any case, I welcome anything new from this duo, together or separate, but judging from the recent release pace, we may be in for a long wait, with the last group album being in 2003; Becker's last solo in 2008 (after a 14-year gap); and Fagan's last solo in 2006. However, Fagan's next album is rumored for 2011, so we'll see.

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