Friday, December 10, 2010

Old Formats

I am kind of annoyed. I have some good stuff taped off the air on a number of Beta tapes that I want to transfer to DVD, but I no longer have a working Beta player. I suppose I could get the player fixed, but the maddening thing is that when new formats come out, it is never easy to transfer to new formats.

Remember how it took forever (and still takes some time) to transfer vinyl albums and audio cassettes to CD, and when CDs first came out, there was no way to transfer at all without spending like $40,000 for a CD burner.

Fortunately prices have come down, but the annoying thing is that you have to have a player for the original format, so I have a turntable, an audio cassette player, a Beta machine, a VHS machine, a Super 8 and a 16mm projector, a DVD player and more.

I don't have a Umatic 3/4" tape player, but I need one and I don't have a reel-to-reel player anymore (don't really need that).

I have a video disc player which is the most useless piece of junk (I'm not referring to the good 12" laser disc player from years back. This one actually played videos with a needle like a turntable!)

I never got into 8-track, but many of my friends did, nor have I gotten into Blu-Ray....yet....

Anyway, if anyone has a working Beta player and is somewhat local to the San Francisco Bay Area, please let me know...

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