Monday, December 13, 2010

New "Richie Rich" Comic to Debut in May 2011

After the middling success of last year's "Casper and the Spectrals", APE Entertainment will now take a stab at doing a new version of "Richie Rich" with the premier issue being the one released on Free Comic Book Day.

I'm somewhat excited about this. Purists will holler, but I see no problem in redesigning the classic Warren Kremer and Steve Muffatti designs to make them more contemporary. God knows they redesign Archie like every week, making him look modern one week, more like Dan DeCarlo's art another, and then manga the next.

The critical element are the stories, so I am looking forward to this and see if they can pull it off.


Chris Barat said...


There are no words... yet. But I'm sure that I'll have some when the time comes!


Joe Torcivia said...

But WHY does it always have to be ANIME?!