Monday, December 06, 2010

Patton Oswalt

I love getting into new comedians that I have never heard before. A friend of mine introduced me to Patton by playing one of his CDs in his car. He did a story about the "Star Wars" prequels that was quite funny.

Recently, I got another of his CDs and almost wet my pants while driving as Patton described slowing his "Chipmunks" records down on the turntable so that The Chipmunks sounded like three monotone guys and David Seville sounded like a demon from hell.

Not only did I do the same thing as a kid, but Patton's verbal recreation of how it sounded was priceless. I was dying.

Anyway, very much worth checking out. I only have two of his (I believe) three CDs, but plan to get them all.

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