Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Albert Brooks

I suppose Albert Brooks is an acquired taste due to his movie persona which is kind of an asshole curmudgeon type who doesn't really listen to anyone and over reacts to situations that normally could be calmly solved. Basically, he is irrational. His on-screen character is similar to that of Larry David's on "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

I like all of Brooks-directed films, but probably like "The Muse" or "Lost in America" the best; "Modern Romance" being the worst.

Brooks is also a funny comedian who issued two fantastic comedy albums in the 1970s: "Music Minus One" and "A Star is Bought".

Brooks also made memorable appearances on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show". Two particular favorites are on DVD. The one where Brooks has a conversation with a Speak 'n' Spell and the other where he has the celebrity imitator kit where he uses common items like pepper and hot potatoes to imitate celebrities such as Burt Lancaster and Curly from the Three Stooges.

Brooks hasn't made a film in awhile, the last being "Searching for Comedy in a Muslim World", which was a good title, but not an accurate title for what the film ended up being, and as a result was a tremendous flop. I liked it, but it's not the type of film designed to sway new fans. You have to already be a fan of the Brooks cult to like this one.

Of course, Brooks has done things that most people have probably seen, most notably onscreen appearances in "Taxi Driver" and "Broadcast News" and doing voiceovers for "The Simpsons" and "Finding Nemo".

His next film is supposed to be called "Drive", but Brooks is only acting in it. I look forward to his next writing and directing effort.

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