Sunday, December 26, 2010

Afghanistan War

So I watch these shows like "Meet the Press", "Face the Nation" and "This Week" and realize that no one says the obvious when it comes to the Afghanistan War or any war.

On "Meet the Press", they said that the White House has stated that we are not going to start ending the war until July 2011 and then we will be finished ending the war in 2014.

So, they go around the round table and everyone says their two cents, but no one says this point: Any President wanting to seek re-election would not in his right mind end a war during his first term.

Hmmm, let's see, Bush, Jr. didn't, but Bush, Sr. did. Guess who got two terms. Johnson and Nixon didn't end a war, but Ford did. Guess who got two terms and who didn't (even if they didn't complete them).

Roosevelt didn't end a war and only his death kept him from serving out his fourth term!

Truman didn't end a war and got re-elected.

And so on and so forth. Keep checking throughout US history.

Now, I still like Obama. I'm not one of these people who think he is or should be a miracle worker, nor do I think he's a Socialist, destined to ruin our country and way of life. He's just a guy and he's just kinda there. Mainly, he's not Bush, Jr., our worst President ever, and ANYONE following him would have had a thankless job, even McCain.

If you really look at Obama, he isn't really doing anything. He tackles issues that aren't really important. If the war was all that important to end especially since ending it would instantly help our economy, he could do it today, but he wants to get re-elected.

If he didn't want to get re-elected, he would end the war, raise our taxes and do a lot of other aggressive stuff in order to get our economy back in shape. But he does, so we'll flounder for at least another three or four more years...

And we will anyway. I don't care who is in the office. If McCain was in there, he'd be doing the SAME THING. If Palin got in there, she'd be doing the SAME THING. If Hilary got in there, she'd be doing the SAME THING.

Their goal is re-election. Always. I think Ford was the last President who really didn't care if he was re-elected, so he pardoned Nixon and ended the Viet Nam War, and when he debated Carter, he was kind of like Chevy Chase, being kind of a bumbler, because he really didn't want to be there. He was appointed and needed to clean things up and fast.

Bush, Sr., just made a mistake and should have had his war last past his first term. Ooops!!!

Obama wants to clean things up and fast, but he cannot and will not do it until January 20, 2013 and later....

It's not his fault, he just wants to get re-elected. Is that so wrong? It probably is, but it is the nature of politics and Obama is one of the best politicians out there. That's not necessarily a compliment.

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