Friday, April 16, 2010

What's Right and What's Wrong with "Sesame Street"

The picture above represents what's right with "Sesame Street". The powers-that-be finally have seen fit to reissue some older "Sesame Street" records (including the very first one) in their original configurations. This is great news as previously with a few exceptions, the original formats were done away for completely brand new compilations.

Some of these older albums actually have a theme, and also no Elmo. So, with this set, they've finally released to CD "The Sesame Street Record" (aka "The Sesame Street Book and Record" and "Sesame Street 1"), "Big Bird Sings" and "Bert & Ernie Sing-Along". Granted, the latter two were compilations themselves, but they were made during "Sesame Street's" original heyday which was the 70s.

Previously, "Sesame Street" issued two excellent DVD compilations: one covering 1969-1974 and the other covering 1975-1979. I wish there were more, but this first volume of record reissues to CD is a welcome addition.

Now, the bad news: "Sesame Street" today really SUCKS! I don't know how any kid gets educated with "Sesame Street" as it is now. Back in the old days, not only did the show have more "bite", it also taught you things like letters and numbers and such.

Nowadays, even though the show still lasts an hour, the program is divided into three 20-minute segments. One of the classic "Sesame Street", one with Elmo called "Elmo's World" and a computer generated one called "Abby's Flying Fairy School". These second two segments really suck and don't teach kids anything. 'Tis a shame. And the "classic" segment is so watered down, there's no "bite" to it at all.

I'm watching "Between the Lions" instead...