Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Three Stooges Collection, Volume 8

I am so excited to find out that volume 8 of "The Three Stooges Collection" is coming out on June 1. Now to most people, even those who are Stooge fans, this is probably not exciting news at all, because the years being cover are 1955-1959, not the most admired years by fans as it consists of Shemp repeats, post-death Shemp with a stand-in, and Joe Besser.

Besser, especially has become the bane of many a Stooge fans existence. He's been called "the only gay Stooge" from a friend of mine who is gay.

In any case, I will be buying this set, not because of Besser, per se, but because the general desire to have a complete set of Stooges at my reference.

Now, if Columbia can release a DVD of "Have Rocket, Will Travel" (which has been released on VHS before), featuring Joe De Rita as the third Stooge, then I'd be a happy guy as "Rocket" is the only major Stooge film not on DVD at this point.

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