Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Book About a Lousy TV Show

Although this book actually was released last September, I just now picked up a copy at a local Borders. Susan Olsen who portrayed Cindy Brady in virtually every incarnation of "The Brady Bunch" is co-writer and actually gives us too much detail about one of the worst shows ever broadcast in TV history.

This is coming from someone who likes "The Brady Bunch", likes variety shows, and even liked "Donny & Marie" which was produced by a lot of the same people.

A couple of the shows have been released to home video, but I would like to see them all again, just like the notorious "Pink Lady and Jeff" which has been released to video in a complete form.

Anyway, back to the book. The most interesting aspect about it is the attention to detail of how a show (at least back in the 70s) made it to air. Methinks it's not that much different today, and it is a fascinating account. Even if you have no intentions of watching this show, you should pick up and read this book.

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