Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craig Yoe's "Jetta"

Craig Yoe does it again, and I'm going broke in the process. He seems to come out with a new book every week that I deem a "must have". This time it's "Dan DeCarlo's Jetta".

DeCarlo is best-known for his lengthy career on the Archie Comic "Betty & Veronica". Somewhere along the line in his career, he worked for Standard Publications and drew three issues of "Jetta". Not only are these very well drawn, they are also very funny.

Craig adds to the book by giving a biography about DeCarlo and explains why "Jetta" started with issue #5. It even has the cover artwork for unpublished issue #8! Even though these issues were reprinted a couple years ago, this is the first time since original publication that the comics have appeared in color.

Rounding out this excellent hardcover tome is original artwork by many artists who are good at "good girl" art.

Like I said, a MUST BUY! From Yoe Books, distributed by IDW.

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