Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music Videos are (Finally) Making a Comeback

I've been really intrigued with music videos as of late. Partially because there is a new channel on my digital TV box called "Channel 1" and they have an all video station called "Cool Music", just like MTV used to be.

They show a mixture of old and new videos. Sometimes, VERY old like Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart", and all those in between.

Anyway, after the initial success of MTV occured in the early 80s, artists became lazy and didn't put the care into their videos like say a Michael Jackson with "Thriller". Most videos just showed the band miming to their record in black and white no less!

Coupled with that, MTV started showing other shows that weren't even music related like "Remote Control" and "The Real World". They started VH1 to house the old videos, but even they stopped showing video after a while.

So along comes "Cool Music" and I finally get to see some new videos and was entranced by artists like Raphael Saadiq and Kerli who have great looking videos that are like those made back in the early 80s heyday.

Back in the day, a lousy song could become a hit just because of a great video. The Cars' "You Might Think" comes to mind. The Cars had much better songs, but "You Might Think" made the Top 5 on the "Billboard" charts just because of a great and memorable video.

Besides, "Cool Music", nowadays you can check out a lot of this stuff on YouTube and that's great, too, because if you want to see one of your favorite videos or want to see if there is a video for your favorite song, it's right there!

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