Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Michael Buble's a Hit

I was invited to see Michael Buble in concert last night and was actually quite impressed. My previous knowledge and opinion of Buble was that he was only mildly good and was one of those singers that appears on PBS during their pledge breaks.

Turns out that Buble is quite versatile. Yes, he does sing the old chestnuts like "Come Fly With Me" and "I've Got the World on a String" and "All of Me", but he also did a big band version of The Eagles' "Heartache Tonight" and did a spot-on impression/tribute of Michael Jackson singing "Billie Jean", complete with dance moves and falsetto voice.

Buble does a lot of between song patter, so much so that one wag in the audience kept shouting, "Sing!" But Buble is charming even with his commentary, and even quite funny. At one point, he said that he is now engaged to be married and without missing a beat said, "Yeah, yeah, I know, you thought I was gay." Then he added, "My fiance is from Argentina. If Tiger Woods had an Argentinian wife, he wouldn't be in the trouble he is in now. She's tough!"

It also made me realize that apart from say, Tony Bennett, all of the big band type people are gone, and that is a shame. You wouldn't know it from the audience, who screamed like it was a Beatles or Elvis concert. In fact, Buble made comments at one point comparing his show to a Jonas Brothers show or Hannah Montana.

Buble also sang in the audience, walking up and down the rows, eliciting yet more screams. It was exciting, and well deserved for a dynamite performs. I'm a convert...

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