Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Between the Lions", the show NOBODY knows about

There's a little show airing on PBS that no one seems to know about, that I'd like to plug here. It's only been airing since April 3, 2000.

It apparently is a creation of former Children's Television Workshop refugees who were disappointed in the direction that "Sesame Street" had taken as a result of too much Elmo.

There are a lot of really funny recurring segments on "Lions" including "Chicken Jane", "Cliff Hanger", "Sam Spud", "Gawain's Word", "Vowel Boot Camp" and "Little Wendy Tales" among others.

It was actually my dad who got me turned on to this show. I originally watched when the show debuted and couldn't get past the awful "Lion King" inspired theme song. They really need something snappier.

Anyway, a couple of years later my dad was flipping channels and happened upon a "Chicken Jane" segment and was hooked. He and I have watched numerous episodes since and it holds up to repeats. Good thing as there are only about 40 half-hour shows produced.

Please check it out!

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Bishop said...

Sounds like a goody. And as you have a good take on what makes a good kid's program, I'm curious whether you've seen In the Night Garden (from the folks what brung us the Teletubbies, but much cooler, if that word's appropriate)? Having seen it with my brother in law when his first was about 3 I buy it for any friends with toddlers.