Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Undercover Brother" Review

I haven't watched this in awhile, but I was going through my DVDs and said, "Hey, here's one I haven't watched in awhile!" I was wanting to watch a comedy that was guaranteed to make me laugh. I almost chose Mel Brooks' "Silent Movie", but this one go the nod, as I've seen "Silent Movie" much more recently.

Anyway, the basic plot is similar to the "Austin Powers" movies, which is a good thing. There's not as much Mike Myers-type silliness and the movie moves along well. Many of the jokes stem from being familiar with the old "blaxploitation" films from the early 70s, but even those unfamiliar should find something to laugh about.

Though the star is Eddie Griffin, for me the highlight is Dave Chappelle. Chappelle as a comedian fascinates me. He is screechingly funny in everything he does. See his "Dave Chappelle Show" for more of what I mean. But for some reason Chappelle is still not as big as I think he should be. It probably has to do with Chappelle walking out on things like his TV show a few years back. He may be a troubled soul, but he sure is funny.

Everyone does well in this movie, even people like Chris Kattan and Denise Richards, both of whom I don't really care for in other projects, except that Richards is always a cutie.

Griffin really shines when he is pretending to be a white guy, and this is probably one of his better acting roles, too.

And I love Billy Dee Williams as the General!!!

It originally came out in 2002. Check it out!


Lazarus Lupin said...

You need a special shout out for NPH for being able to deliver lines like "It's getting all racial up here," or "He... shouldn't ..have ... called me...a... SISSSSSSY"
Fun film, good choice!

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Lazarus Lupin
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Mark Arnold said...

He's fun, too, and I mostly forgot to mention the late great James Brown in a short cameo...