Friday, July 09, 2010

1950s, 1964 and 1978 Archie TV Pilots

I am helping compile certain data for an upcoming book on the history of Archie Comics and need help with any information you may have about the 1964 Archie TV pilot.

I know this basic info from IMDB, but if anyone else has any further information, please let me know...

There might be another Archie pilot from the 1950s (although it could be the same 1964 one), so if you know about that, please let me know, too.

Finally, there were two Archie specials from 1978, one called "ABC Saturday Comedy Special: Archie" and the other is "The Archie Situation Comedy Musical Variety Show". These are both on IMDB as well.

As I said, any further information would be helpful...


Velveteen Ballsac said...

I have been looking for video of the 1978 FOREVER! I saw it live (apparently the only time it ever aired) and remember it vividly. I was a HUGE Archie fan in my youth and video evidence of my memory is like a Holy Grail search for me.

If you find anything, please please let me know! :)

Mark Arnold said...

Who knew the 1978 would have two people that would go onto greater stardom. David Caruso ("CSI") and Audrey Landers ("Dallas")?

Anyway, I saw them, too. If I come across them, I'll let you know.