Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lewis Black's New Album

Lewis Black has a new comedy album out called "Stark Raving Black", and while I haven't heard it yet, I'm sure that I will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed Black's six previous albums. I'm sure I will buy it shortly.

Black to me is the only stand-up comedian even worthy of inheriting the throne left by the great George Carlin, and even HE isn't that good. Sometimes Black gets on a rant that doesn't seem to go anywhere, and whereas Carlin sometimes would talk about silly problems with the English language, Black seems to go on and on and on far too much about the nitty gritty of politics, sometimes to the point of no longer being funny and just annoyed.

Granted, in his later stand-up, Carlin fell victim to the same thing, but Carlin's aggravation about politics was only a small part of his act, not the majority of it.

So, ultimately, I would like to see Black fully inherit the comedy throne and by spreading his topic line a little bit, I think he could do it....

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