Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harvey Pekar 1939-2010

Harvey Pekar passed away. I always found him an intriguing sort of fellow, but had I met him, we probably wouldn't have gotten along. That being said, I have enjoyed his "American Splendor" comics and also the movie based on Pekar and his comics.

I first heard about Harvey Pekar from the movie "Comic Book Confidential", another highly recommended film. I thought the idea of writing comics actually based on personal real-life events of an "everyman" was brilliant, and so I sought out the comics based on that.

Pekar also appeared a lot (for awhile there) on David Letterman's show. They did have a falling out at some point, but this was at the time when I loved Letterman because he would have strange guests like Pekar and Larry "Bud" Melman and Chris Elliott. Those days are long gone, and now so is Harvey.


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