Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Buying My Beatles

When The Beatles FINALLY remastered their CDs and released them last September, I decided that I would only buy them used. For the most part, I have lived up to that claim, but I did buy "Magical Mystery Tour" and "The Beatles" (White Album) new.

I also decided to buy them slowly over time, so my latest acquisition is "Sgt. Pepper". "Sgt. Pepper" is either my fourth or fifth favorite Beatles album depending on my mood at the time.

#1 Beatles album for me is "The Beatles", followed by "Revolver". #3 is "Magical Mystery Tour". #4 is either "Pepper" or "Abbey Road". These are all great albums!

Anyway, at this point I still need to get the remastered "Please Please Me", "A Hard Day's Night", "Beatles for Sale", "Rubber Soul" and "Yellow Submarine", plus the mono versions and the apple-shaped flash drive. Give me time...

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