Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Inception" Ok...just ok...

I was really refraining from reviewing this film because EVERYONE likes it...let me rephrase that...everyone LOVES it!!! and I didn't.

I always have a problem with this because I sometimes feel that I live on a different planet than everyone else because I don't like films that everyone seems to love. Examples that come to mind are the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "Avatar", "The Hangover", "The Matrix", etc.

Now, what's equally strange is that sometimes I am truly in sync with everyone else and do love things that other people do like "Raiders of the Lost Ark", the original "Star Wars", "The Wizard of Oz", "Blazing Saddles", etc., etc.

"Inception" is one of those films that one SHOULD like, but it has the same inherent problems that mar "Shutter Island" and "The Matrix", two films this strongly reminds me of. It also reminds me of "Vanilla Sky", another film that I'm not that crazy about and "What Dreams May Come", a film that was universally panned, yet I happen to like!

The inherent problem is basically one of the age old "it was all a dream" scenario. It's such a cop out and it's usually covered up by elaborate special effects to disguise a trite storyline.

What's really sad is that I like Director Christopher Nolan's other work like "Momento" and "The Dark Knight". I thought those were great. Unfortunately, I didn't like his "Batman Begins" at all.

So, what to do? Me feels that I have seen FAR TOO MANY movies in my lifetime, and that skews my opinions somewhat because basically nothing is new under the sun. Couple that with the fact that I usually have HIGHER EXPECTATIONS than most once a film is claimed to be "the best film EVER made"!

So, go see it and enjoy it, because you probably will. I didn't.

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