Saturday, July 03, 2010

New "Casper and the Spectrals" Out

It only took a year, but the second issue of "Casper and the Spectrals" is finally out. For the traditionalists out there, this is not your standard Casper comic book series, but I suggest giving it a chance. It's different, but still entertaining.

On sale at better comic book stores, everywhere...


Brendan said...

Thanks for the kind words. And yes, it took about 6 months for the 2nd issue to come out, due to an issue with our artist, but I hope it was worth the wait! Issue #3 should be out late July or early August.


Brendan Deneen

Mark Arnold said...

Thanks, Brendan.

Do you have any press materials that I can use for "The Harveyville Fun Times!", or would you be willing to be interviewed about the project?

I will be in San Diego, so if you want to meet, my cell is 408-482-9327.

Also, how does one get the alternate covers for issue #1? I never saw them anywhere, even on Ebay.