Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Use Your Library

In the midst of everyone complaining that they're losing revenue on such items such as movies and music, I suggest putting your local library to good use. Your tax money pays for it, and you get a chance to watch a movie or listen to a CD of an artists that you may otherwise not purchase.

Artists always complain that if you do this you are not giving money to those who rightfully have earned it, but I see it this way. I usually am checking out a movie or listening to a CD that I would normally not buy anyway, so how am I cheating anyone? Then the next time that artist releases something new, I may actually purchase their product, because I had a chance this time to preview for free (well, technically not for free, my taxes do pay for it.)

So forget Netflix or Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, and put your local library to good use. That's what it is there for.


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