Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tony's Online Tips for Friday, May 20, 2005

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Tony's Online Tips


Editor and publisher Mark Arnold has published another great issue of THE
HARVEYVILLE FUN TIMES [Summer, 2005; $4.50]. This one focuses on the
Hostess ads which featured Casper and other Harvey Comics characters. This
first chapter of the ongoing series gives a brief background on the
advertising campaign so familiar to the comics readers of the 1970s and
reprints the first 32 of the Harvey ads. Man, was I craving a delicious
fruit pie or tasty Twinkie by the time I finished reading this feature.

There's other good stuff in the issue as well. Arnold reports the latest
Harvey Comics and related comics news. Chris Barat pays tribute to the
late Daniel Branca, one of the all-time great Disney artists from Europe. The issue concludes with Harvey cartoonist bios from the 1996 National Cartoonist Society Album. I'm amazed at how much Arnold got into his 32 pages.

THE HARVEYVILLE FUN TIMES earns an impressive four out of five Tonys. You can find subscription information for the magazine and even order issues via PayPal by going to:

At the site, you'll also find information on characters from Baby Huey to
Wendy the Good Little Witch, Arnold's own comics, and much more. It's
definitely worth a visit.

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