Sunday, May 08, 2005

Little Lulu, Peanuts and Dennis the Menace

Hooray for Dark Horse Comics! They have just issued their third collection of "Little Lulu" reprints called "My Dinner With Lulu". This collection should have been the first as it reprints the oldest comic book adventures which originally appeared in Dell Comics' Four Color Series. Oh well, better late than never.

I hope that Dark Horse's plan is to reprint every new story of Lulu through 1984. This may take a while, but I know that many issues originally featured reprints, so the possibility is too cumbersome.

Another series that is well worth following is "The Complete Peanuts" series from Fantagraphics. The latest volume (#3) covers the years 1955-1956. The plan is to release each two-year volume over a 12 year period, with the last volume (#25) covering 1999-2000 to be released in early 2016!

The success of this is being followed by "The Complete Dennis the Menace" with volume one covering 1951-1952 coming soon, also from Fantagraphics.

All of these are definitely worth purchasing as they are very smartly packaged and annotated, especially the "Peanuts" series which has notes explaining some missing panels of certain strips.

All of these books are available through Mark's Rare Comics.


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