Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Some Beatles Stuff I Want

Here is a list of some officially unreleased Beatles stuff I would like to see released on CD or DVD:

The Complete Decca Auditions (1962)
The Complete Shea Stadium (1965-1966)
The White Album demos from George's house in Esher (1968)
The Beatles Christmas Album (1970)
A good compilation of Beatles live (1963-1966)
More Anthology Stuff
An Anthology greatest hits
Beatles videos (1962-1970)
Let it Be (film)(1970)
The Beatles cartoons (1965-1969)
Beatles Capitol Versions Vol. 3 with Yesterday and Today (with Butcher cover), Hey Jude, Rarities, A Hard Day's Night
Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl (1977)
Rock 'n' Roll Music (1976)
Love Songs (1977)
A good compilation of Wings live (1972-1979)
James Paul McCartney (1973)
A good compilation of George's Dark Horse Tour (1974-1975)
Ringo (TV Special) (1978)
McCartney's Cold Cuts (1980)
Rock Show (1981)
Paul's Phil Ramone Album (1986)
Ringo's Chips Moman Album (1987)
George's A Portrait of a Leg End (2001)
A comprehensive box set for Paul, George and/or Ringo with outtakes and rarities
John's Live in New York City OR a good compilation of John live (1968-1975)

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