Saturday, January 15, 2011


I know it sounds silly to toot my own horn every time my readership goes up on my blog, but I am happy because it means people are finding me and enjoying what I write. So a sincere thank you to all who read and comment on my work.

I know sometimes I write things that aren't always favorable in everyone's eyes, especially when I get a bug up my butt and have to write something political, so I'll mention my political leanings, here.

Although, I am still registered a Republican, except for in one case, I have never voted Republican for President, because usually I vote for whom I consider the best candidate.

I've always claimed to be "middle of the road", but I have to admit as I get older, my political leanings keep going further and further to the left, which is opposite the norm. Usually, people get more conservative as they get older.

I think mainly because I've felt that the Republican party has failed me time and time again and that the Democrat party has shifted to the right, the way the Republican party was when I was a kid, and the Republican party has gone right off the deep end. I'm sorry if other readers don't feel that way, but it is my opinion.

If I changed my registration, however, I'd probably change it to "non-partisan" rather than "Democrat" or "Independent" or "Green" or "Bull Moose" or "Whig" or whatever, because those parties aren't much good, either.

Anyway, off of soapbox. I'm glad people read my blog, even if they don't always agree...

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