Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing Comedy Albums

I have been on a quest for years to get some comedy albums released to CD. I have contacted, Collectables, and Collector's Choice among other labels to get these released, since the majors don't seem interested. Originally, my list was over 100 albums, but thanks to these smaller labels, many of them have now been released.

These are some of my favorite comedy albums that have yet to appear on an official release on CD, although some tracks from these albums have appeared elsewhere:

Don Adams - Live
Woody Allen - Woody Allen
Woody Allen - Volume 2
Woody Allen - Three
Victor Borge - Borge's Back
Albert Brooks - A Star is Bought
Bill Cosby - 8:15 12:15
Bill Cosby - Sports
Bill Cosby - Live at Madison Square Garden
Bill Cosby - For Adults Only
Bill Cosby - To Those of You With or Without Children
Credibility Gap - Woodshtick
Rodney Dangerfield - Rappin' Rodney
Phyllis Diller - Wet Toe in a Hot Socket
Phyllis Diller - Laughs
Phyllis Diller - Are You Ready?
Stan Freberg - Pay Radio
Gallagher - Gallagher
George Gobel - At the Sands
Eric Idle - Rutland Weekend Songbook
Will Jordan - Ill Will
Gabriel Kaplan - Holes and Mellow Rolls
Sam Kinison - Louder than Hell
Paul Lynde - Recently Released
Mad Magazine - Fink Along With Mad
Mad Magazine - Mad Twists Rock and Roll
Pat McCormick - Tells it Like it is
Bob and Doug McKenzie - Strange Brew
Vaughn Meader - Have Some Nuts
Vaughn Meader - If the Shoe Fits
Vaughn Meader - Take That
Vaughn Meader - Second Coming
Martin Mull - Martin Mull
Martin Mull - Normal
Martin Mull - Days of Wine and Neurosis
Martin Mull - Sex and Violins
National Lampoon - Radio Dinner
National Lampoon - White House Tapes
National Lampoon - Goodbye Pop
Pat Paulsen - Live at the Ice House
Joan Rivers - Mr. Phyllis
Joan Rivers - Next to Last Album
Rowan and Martin - At Work
Soupy Sales - Still Soupy After All of These Years
Smothers Brothers - Tour De Farce
Smothers Brothers - Comedy Hour
Smothers Brothers - Play it Straight
Smothers Brothers - Golden Hits, Vol. 2
Judy Tenuta - Buy This, Pigs
Three Stooges - Madcap Musical Nonsense
Three Stooges - Christmas Time
Flip Wilson - Flippin'
Flip Wilson - Cowboys and Colored People
Flip Wilson - You Devil You
Flip Wilson - The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress
Flip Wilson - The Flip Wilson Show
Flip Wilson - Geraldine
Jonathan Winters - Down to Earth
Jonathan Winters - Here's Jonathan
Jonathan Winters - Another Day Another World
Jonathan Winters - Humor Seen Through the Eyes
Jonathan Winters - Whistle Stopping

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