Saturday, January 08, 2011

Simpsons Comics

Bongo has published over 175 issues of "Simpsons Comics" and I still get a treat reading everyone of them. A recent issue (#169) had yet another story that was so good that it should have been turned into an animated episode of the series.

In it a new kid named Brad comes to town and decides to impersonate Bart by donning a blonde wig. The feeble disguise literally fools everyone including Homer. Eventually, the ruse is discovered and Bart is reinstated to his rightful position in Springfield. The closing gag features Millhouse with a Bart wig with Homer throwing him out.

One of the frustrating things about reading comic books as much as I have is that after a while it all becomes a blur and you feel that there actually WAS an episode on TV of that story. Then you remember it was only in a comic book and it depresses you because you can't talk to any normal "Simpsons" fan about it because they only watch the TV show, and have never read the comic book.

What other comic book stories have you read that you wish would be made into a TV show or movie? Let me know...

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