Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Kinks

Another favorite of the might fab four of rock (Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who being the others) are The Kinks. Similar to the other groups mentioned there have been members that have died and members that have quit.

It's a shame because Ray Davies was recently trying to reform the four original Kinks members, when Peter Quaife died suddenly last June. It was not going to be a true reunion as apparently Peter was going to "phone it in", but it would have been a reunion on disc had it occurred. They did reunite physically (I think in 2007) as the picture above proves, but now, no more.

Dave Davies had a stroke in recent years, but seems to be doing fine, but for some reason really despises brother Dave. I don't know the current status of Mick Avory.

So, at this point, you either have to enjoy the old music or buy Ray's occasional new albums, which are usually surprisingly good, despite the fact that no one buys them in the quantities of old Kinks music.

I suppose The Kinks are the biggest "also rans" in rock history, but they actually have quite a good body of work that stretched out about 30 years. Nothing to sneeze at.

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