Saturday, January 29, 2011

Comic Book Numbering

Why, oh, why do these comic book companies STILL start comics over at #1?...such a 90s thing to do. Recently, "Fantastic Four" #587 was issued with the death of one of the Four. #588 is now going to be the final issue, as the series will restart with #1.

I was happy when Marvel came to their senses and corrected their numbering back to the high numbers and now this. DC still has problems with some of their number like on "Justice League of America", but they corrected "Wonder Woman" and thankfully didn't start "Adventure Comics" over with #1 (even though there never really was a #1 with that title).

Also, "Betty and Veronica" and "Archie's Pal, Jughead" are getting fairly high up there on numbers. If they hadn't renumbered, they'd both be over 500 issues at least. As it stands they are still in the 200 level.

Even Harvey got into the act (back in the 90s) and pushed it into the ridiculous, where they would issue a title three times in a row as #1, and of course, restarted all of their series with #1.

I could see DC nearing #900 with "Action" and "Detective" doing some sort of thing like this, too. Better watch them...

I just hope I survive through to "Action Comics" #1355, then they will be the highest numbered comic book series ever, finally surpassing "Four Color"!!

As an aside, and I thought this would be a dirty trick by Marvel, since "FF" #587 was/is sealed in plastic, they should have had four different endings...

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