Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The End of the Comics Code Authority

These comments by me appeared on Jim Engel's page on Facebook, but I felt that they were so good, I'm going to repost them here. On it, people were lamenting the death of the CCA. I wasn't. Here's what I said:

I'm not lamenting at all. I always thought (perhaps since I grew up in the 70s long after the furor was over) that the CCA code was an unnecessary nuisance from another time. There were plenty of non-code comic books by that time and even Gold Key/Whitman never had that silly code, so I always thought it was in the way.

I've always been against coding in any form be it film ratings, video game ratings, CD warning labels, TV show ratings. The only one I ever liked was the one in "Mad's" "Starchie" that rated it "Another Mad Mind Warper". That's my kind of rating!

The sad part is, the reason no one cares whether comic books are rated anymore is that no one really cares about comic books anymore. Imagine if they dropped the ratings on any of the other media that I mentioned, there'd be a HUGE public outcry!!

Now, if we can get rid of that damned UPC symbol, we'd be in business...

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