Friday, November 26, 2010

Unreleased George Carlin?

George Carlin died in 2008 and the album pictured above was released shortly after his death of a concert taped right before his death (naturally).

In the meantime, I have discovered some rare Carlin performances in bizarre places like on the "Tony Orlando and Dawn" DVD set. What's amazing to me is, not only are these rare performances, they also contain comedy that wasn't released onto Carlin's 20 or so other albums!

So, the time has come for Atlantic and other record labels and even some TV producers to search their vaults for rare and unreleased Carlin. It doesn't even matter if it was released material; it could be a rare performance. For instance, Carlin does a slightly different version of his classic "Baseball/Football" comparison routine the first ever episode of "Saturday Night Live", now on DVD. Different than both versions available on the "Wally Londo" and "Carlin on Campus" albums.

Anybody, somebody, let's make this compilation. We want more Carlin and this is the only way now to get it....

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