Monday, November 15, 2010

Terry Gilliam Animation

For those of you who think Terry Gilliam only did animation for "Monty Python's Flying Circus" before becoming a director of such things as "Brazil" and "Time Bandits", you would be mistaken.

Gilliam did a lot of illustration for Harvey Kurtzman's "Help!" magazine in the 1960s, and did one of their many fumettis with John Cleese.

Gilliam also did animation for "The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine" particularly the opening credits (see above).

Also, he did "The Miracle of Flight" in 1974. I originally saw "Miracle of Flight" on PBS' "International Festival of Animation" in 1977.

I also remember a cartoon that I believed was called "Nee-Nee Nah-Nee and the Two Nu-Nu's".

From what I remember, Gilliam announced off-screen, "And now Nee-Nee Nah-Nee and the Two Nu-Nu's". There are two well-dressed men on either side of this large pile of whipped cream. Then with frog-like tongues, proceed to lick away the cream, revealing an attractive woman. This is followed up with a "ta-da" like orchestral crash.

I have everything Python on DVD and cannot find this cartoon anywhere, but I do remember it. It might have been from the "Marty Feldman Comedy Machine" or on "International Festival of Animation".

Does anyone know?

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